Carbon Farming & Economy Courses - Santa Barbara

Improving land management with leading edge technology and holistic practices

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The Carbon Economy and Farming Courses, convened by Quail Springs and Orella Stewardship Institute, in association with Darren Doherty, and with local and national partners, brings expert teachers to the Santa Barbara area to share sustainable land management and zero waste systems design approaches with farmers, ranchers, land managers, business people, environmentalists, students, and citizens.

Public talk and training topics include sustainable land management, soil building agriculture and ranching, water conservation, permaculture and keyline design, carbon sequestration, zero waste systems, and relocalization.  These approaches benefit the environment, while resulting in greater productivity and resiliency for the practitioner and community.


Building the Blue Economy, with Gunter Pauli
April 23, 24, 25, 2010

Santa Barbara City College Campus, Santa Barbara
Hosted by the SBCC Center for Sustainability
co-sponsored by a host of local organizations, including the Carbon Farming & Economy Courses

How a new generation of entrepreneurs can bring innovations to the marketplace, secure basic needs for all, and make sustainable businesses competitive.

Evening Talk & Book-Signing
Fri, April 23, 7:30 - 9:30pm, SBCC Fe Bland Auditorium $15

Building the Blue Economy Workshop with Gunter Pauli, plus guests***
Sat, April 24, 9am - 5pm, SBCC Campus, $120 ($100 early registration/April 3)

***Saturday Workshop with Gunter Pauli/Afternoon break-out sessions with:
Woody Tasch, President of Slow Money Alliance
Kreigh Hampel, City of Burbank, Public Works, Recycling Coordinator
Randy Grissom, Director of the Santa Fe Community College Sustainable Technologies Center

Retreat with Gunter Pauli
Sunday, April 25, 10am - 4pm  $300 ($250 early registration/April 3)

Learn more here


Sustainable Agriculture Training - Feeding the Soil, Growing New Leaders - Bilingual / Bicultural training
Fall 2010 (TBA)

proposed training, currently pending scholarship funding

3 day, bilingual Spanish-English training with theoretical information and practical, hands on skills
tenets of sustainable agriculture, with emphasis on soil fertility, organic fertilizers and locally sourced inputs
training to be provided in educational partnership with COAS Consejeros end Agricultura Sostenible y Permacultura
locally co-sponsored by Quail Springs Permaculture Farm, Orella Stewardship Institute, and the Carbon Farming & Economy Courses

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to express interest


2009 Carbon Economy Events in Santa Barbara

Joel Salatin speaks on relocalization in Santa Barbara for Carbon Economy Courses
YouTube (30 mins total) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Blogs generated from the 2009 courses
Dunn Creek Farm
Permaculture Research Institute – Soil Food Web
Permaculture Research Institute – Holistic Resource Management & Keyline Design

Reporting from Carbon Farming Courses, Tennessee, August/September 2009

Pathways to Relocalization - with Joel Salatin - 2009

ZERI - Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives - with Erin Sanborn on behalf of Gunter Pauli - 2009

Sustainable Land Management: Holistic Management - with Darren Doherty & Kirk Gadzia - 2009

Soil Food Web and Compost Technologies - with Elaine Ingham - 2009



"....We have a breakdown in the Carbon cycle as much of the Carbon in our soils has been excised to the air and seas. Generations of farmers have found that their biggest crop – topsoil, has been lost, more recently due to the manipulation of soil carbon levels by artificial nitrogen application. Our entire land-based systems are becoming Carbon poor.  Yet, we have a unique opportunity to revitalize our communities and societies through the building of a Carbon rich landscape.  We have the technical means to do so, we just need support.  Largely that support comes from localization: marketing & value-adding our products locally and directly to gain the support for building Carbon rich systems and be paid to do so."
- Darren Doherty, inspired the Carbon Economy series

"We've been growing 100% organic pistachios for 18 years in Santa Barbara County and selling them in local farmers' markets and throughout the U.S. Our business depends on the health of our soils and environment. These courses... offer an important opportunity for the farming and agricultural community to stay on the cutting edge of the quickly evolving world of soil health, environmental protection and financial health of family farms."
- Gail and Gene Zannon, Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, California

"The funny thing is that many people still don't know that livestock are the best tool we have to manage these rangelands...We've see riparian areas (creek and river bankds) on every single ranch grow in health as measured by vegetation cover, cleanliness of the water, perennial now we have a beautiful expanding wetland; we have oak trees that were not there...we have lots of diverse vegetation and perennial grasses."
- Joe Morris, TO Cattle Company, California



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Food and farming relocalization, sustainable land management, and green development


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