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Pathways to Relocalization with Joel Salatin

COURSE COMPLETED in 2009 - sponsored by Carbon Farming & Economy Courses Santa Barbara

Joel Salatin, fulltime family farmer of the highly successful Polyface Farms, and recipient of the Heinz Award for Environmental Leadership, is one of the world’s leading advocates of farming and food relocalization. Featured in Michael Pollan’s book, Omnivore’s Dilemma, and in the films FRESH and FOOD, Inc., Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms exemplify successful grass farming and the farming and food relocalization movement. Joel is the author of six books including Family Friendly Farming, Salad Bar Beef, and his latest, Everything I Want To Do is Illegal

In this course, Joel will challenge participants to design pathways to relocalization based on his own very successful model at Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia, and will also include techniques and directions from the emerging relocalization movement.

If you are interested in trainings with Joel Salatin offered again in the Santa Barbara area, or if you'd like to join our Carbon Farming & Economy Series interest list, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Joel Salatin receives The Heinz Award for Environmental Leadership 2009
Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms as featured in FRESHthemovie
Joel Salatin speaks on Relocalization at Full Frame Film Festival Screening of Food, Inc.

Relocalization Training Outline

Articles by Joel Salatin:
Family Friendly Farming, Creating a Farm Life Your Children will Treasure
Everything I Want to Do is Illegal
Balance – Stability for Your Life and Farm
Forgiveness Farming
Balance Sheet Switcheroo – Assets Become Liabilities in Industrial Ag


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