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Soil Food Web and Compost Technologies with Dr. Elaine Ingham

COURSE COMPLETED in 2009 - sponsored by Carbon Farming & Economy Courses Santa Barbara

Restoring the Soil Food Web is essential to rebuilding soil health and productivity.
Dr. Elaine Ingham, President and Director of Research at Soil Foodweb Inc., is one of the world’s leading soil microbiologists with 30 years of experience researching and teaching about the world and creatures under the soil.  Her energetic and easy-to-understand teaching style brings the soil foodweb to life.

Soil Food Web, Compost Technologies and Compost Tea Technologies
In this course, you’ll look at the elements of a healthy soil food web, learn how to analyze and improve your own soil, and learn how to make composts and extracts to strengthen the soil food web.  The Soil Food Web course provides knowledge and research findings for those at the grass roots level of working with soils. That includes not just farmers who grow crops, but also those who graze cattle, sheep and other livestock, fruit and vegetable growers, greens keepers, parks and gardens workers, nursery operators - in fact anyone who grows things.  The course offers a way of improving the soils we work with now and a way to keep soils in this healthier state without damaging any other eco-system.

If you are interested in seeing Soil Food Web offered again in the Santa Barbara area, or if you'd like to join our Carbon Farming & Economy Series interest list, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is the Soil Food Web?

The soil food web is a complex, interdependent, mutually beneficial group of organisms including bacteria, fungi (the largest organisms on the planet), protozoa, nematodes, microarthropods, worms and beetles.  In the process of feeding on plant materials and each other, these organisms also produce hormones that plants need, and consume or break down pollutants in the soil. The soil food web protects plant surfaces from disease-causing organisms and other pests.

Modern agriculture’s use of toxic chemicals to destroy specific pathogen and pest organisms has also destroyed the beneficial, protective organisms. After 30 to 50 years of warfare against the normal set of organisms in soil disease and pests have become nearly impossible to control.  Restoring the soil food web is essential to rebuilding health soil.

Course Fees

Residential Course includes onsite tent camping accommodations and delicious catered meals at Orella Ranch, Gaviota, CA

$550 Early Bird, payment in full due by October 2, 2009

$650 Registration, payment in full due by October 19, 2009

Course Schedule: The training will begin at 9am on October 30th and end by 5pm on November 1st.  Catering begins with breakfast October 30th and ends with lunch November 1st.  Participants are welcome to arrive the evening of Oct 29th and depart the morning of Nov 2.
Soil Food Web Course Agenda



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